Dyno & Tuning

What Is Dyno Tuning?

A Dyno or Dynamometer is a piece of equipment used to measure the power output to the wheels on your vehicle. The car is trapped down to the dyno drum and various sensors are hooked up for monitoring purposes. This information is then used to edit the tune on the vehicle until it is running properly and power output is as expected.

Focused Motorsports has an in-house DynoJet 224xLC which is the best-selling performance dynamometer on the market, this chassis dyno is known for its accurate results

Dyno Tuning Rental Rates

Our Dynojet 224xLC is available for tuning sessions or dyno days.

→ 3 power pulls $85
 Dyno rental per hour $120 (We strap and hookup the car)
 Strap down fee $35 (only charged if car comes on/off the dyno more then once)
→ Cleanup Fee $100-200  (only charged for catastrophic failure) 
→ Daily Rental – Daily rental is $750.